About Procedo

Procedo was founded in 1986 by the current CEO Sture Johansson after a Management Buy Out from the Swedish construction and real estate company Diös. After the buy out the construction part of the business was sold and what was left was a pure real estate company. In the first years of Procedo the focus was on property in Sweden and internationally. Throughout the years the company has held real estate in England, Ireland, France and Germany, in addition to Sweden.

Procedo is a family owned business which aims to create value through owning real estate and making equity investments in public and private companies. The three pillars of Procedo’s business is Stability, Responsibility and always having a long term approach

Today Procedo is creating value through three business areas; Real Estate, Equity Investments and Private Investments. We have a long time term horizon in all our investments and strive towards creating sustainable returns which are stable over time.